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Turning to Goo: The Alchemy of Change

3f2d78e916d7ed4e38531d8cf6520fc2Caterpillars are adorable, fuzzy little worm-like creatures. They inch along stems and leaves, munching to their hearts content until, one day, they stop munching and start spinning. Twisting and turning, they wrap themselves over and over again into a snuggly of protection, then dangle in a hammock of their own creation. Science tells us that within this cocoon, a miraculous transformation begins, the fuzzy caterpillar literally breaking itself down into an oozy mass of goo to recreate itself into something utterly new. The butterfly.

What a wild ride! I am awestruck by the faith this little bugger demonstrates. I mean, self-melting into goo, letting go of everything you know to be “real,” that takes some guts! And does the caterpillar KNOW that they will transform into something stunningly beautiful? My guess is no, they don’t. All they know is that change is calling to them and change they must.

Well, insert me into the role of our heroic caterpillar. Our friend, Change, has been knocking on my door for a while now and, thus far, I’ve managed to politely dodge his advances. I was either too busy for Change, working hard with clients to transform their marketing, or I wasn’t busy enough for Change, tending and tilling my network to unearth the next project and keep my financial boat alfoat. Such is the feast/famine life of a consultant.    6580c2390d61dbe8926ce35806d7815f

Even while all of this busy-ness or not-so-busy-ness was going on, Change was at my door, knocking. And though I didn’t answer, I knew he was there. Sometimes, I’d peek out the side window just to see and, every time, like a loyal friend, there he was.

But why? I kept asking myself. Why was Change interested in me, in my work? I’m happy, I enjoy my clients and the projects upon which I’ve been fortunate to work. Success has been consistent, if not my income. I’m doing well, sometimes really well. So, why Change?

Recently, I made a cup of tea, took a deep breath and opened the door. I invited Change in to figure out what the knocking was all about.

Much to my surprise (and relief), Change wasn’t about failure or not-enoughness (my deep-down, secret fear). In fact, Change brought new ideas, exciting potentials and thoughts worth hearing. I was smitten.

Well, the first change has taken place – I took down my website. All that remains is this blog, my voice to the world. Over the coming weeks, I’ll be immersed in the change process, a process also known as re-branding, brand refinement or re-invention. Yup, that’s right, the guidance I’ve been sharing with clients these past four years will be focused on me and my business. So, why am I so scared?

66760cfc9df47abba3042170abfc952cIt’s frightening to change. The process is revealing and it makes us feel vulnerable – talking about strengths and opportunities is simple enough, but acknowledging weaknesses and threats isn’t so easy. In fact, my first thought was to go through the process on my own, behind closed doors, then emerging to the world and relaunching my business as the perfected, beautiful butterfly. Nice image, but not real and, more importantly, not what I’m about. I love this process, I’m a guide for others through the process, so it felt more than a bit ingenuous to keep my reinvention under wraps.

So, I’ve decided to open up my re-branding process, to show and tell every step. Over the coming weeks, I’ll be sharing my thoughts and findings and I’d love it if you’d join me! Many of you know that I’m a collaborator at heart and your thoughts, input and encouragement are not only welcome, they’re needed!

On some level, we’re all changing! Change happens every day in our businesses, sometimes in small ways – like adding social media link to your email signature block – and other times in significant ways such as initiating a blog, revamping your website or creating an entirely new program or offer.

Change is here, it is now! Come along with me and I’ll share every step of my change process (along with some free tips and worksheets too!) and what it takes to evolve your brand into something that fits you like a well-tailered suit, not you’re Aunt’s old mu mu. Sign up in the box below to be sure that you receive my Change-elution updates as well as some FREE tips and worksheets I’ll only provide to the Change-Agents who join me!


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