Good marketing is magnetic.

Polish up the golden nuggets that live inside your firm and, BOOM!

Your ideal clients begin to see you. To find you. To talk to you.

What golden nuggets, you may ask?

The distinctive stuff that makes you YOU. The composed particulars of your approach, service, style, culture and karma. The place your competitors simply can’t go.

Your brand already lives at the core of your business and your vision. My work digs deep to reveal the most genuine aspects of your firm, the parts that motivate and engage, the elements that set you apart from the pack.

These are your golden nuggets, the foundation upon which your business is built, the essentials of who you are and why you do what you do.

Good marketing strategy and authentic messaging are born from these nuggets, from this place of consummate originality.

Here, we begin to shape and polish, to craft and finesse your brand and your message to generate its own, rare sheen of brilliance that allows you to stand out, be seen, engage and connect.

This is handcrafted marketing.

Skillful. Bespoke.

Your brand is something special.

Make sure your marketing strategy is equally singular.

“Linda’s brand positioning process proved to be a fascinating deep dive into what truly distinguishes Inhabit Interiors, giving us a fresh and potent perspective on our marketing. Her collaborative approach is highly engaging, empowering our entire team with a clear vision as well as specific action steps to reach and connect with our ideal clients.”

“Linda Stephens is not only an absolute pleasure – she is creative, thoughtful and knows what she’s talking about when she says “strategy and marketing.” She helped me focus on what’s important to my business plan; who my clients are and what they need from me; who my competition is and what makes me different from them; and what steps I need to take to get the results I want to achieve. She applies strategy to action with clarity and enthusiasm. She made a great contribution to my thinking and to my work.”

“Linda’s writing expertise and marketing perspective are a tremendous resource. She was able to help us shape somewhat disparate, yet complementary, services in a way that make us the “go to” choice for our clients. Her approach is highly interactive, helping her gain a fuller understanding of the organization, and flexible to speak to its brand and individuality.”

Hi, I’m Linda Stephens.

I believe that every company has distinctive characteristics that can serve as magnets to connect them with their ideal clients. Drawing from over 25 years of experience as a marketing leader in architecture, the visual arts, design and technology, I can help you reveal these precious gems to create a custom brand positioning strategy and singular messaging that helps you to stand out, be seen, captivate and engage.

Let’s work together.