On my list of favorite things is sharing good stuff. These nuggets turned my head recently and I wondered if one of them might offer a little something for you as well. Read. Enjoy! Let me know what you think.   Is Marketing Dead? Former Ikea designer Markus Engman wants to kill marketing. He’s recently established […]

You’re walking along a crowded street downtown on a Tuesday afternoon on your way to Starbucks to refuel the now depleted caffeine levels in your bloodstream when… …a hand reaches out and taps your arm. It’s Bob, an acquaintance from college who, after exchanging pleasantries, tells you he is now working with one of your […]

  A lot of brands talk about needing a refresh. I ask…           “What does the brand feel like?” Tired. Diffused. Fuzzy Indistinct. Difficult to hear in a crowded marketplace. They might add that it feels a bit worn. A little frayed around the edges. Fatigued. Predictable.         […]