Brand is a complicated word. It’s become so popular and commonly referenced in conversation that it carries the assumption of shared understanding, of an accepted definition. I mean, everyone knows what brand is, right?    In my experience, this isn’t always the case.    Brand is a word used a lot in my work as […]

When your brand feels tired and you’re thinking it needs a refresh, take a look outside. Before you dive in and start picking apart every little detail about your own brand, get curious about a few others. Take some time to find both perspective and inspiration.    Here’s a little exercise that should help:   Think about a brand […]

Many of us work within tight markets full of qualified competitors. Each has highly-qualified and experienced leadership. Each has committed staff with excellent credentials. Each understands current industry trends and innovations. Each employs a sound process to identify client needs and deliver quality services. Each has a portfolio of impressive and relevant work. The good […]