When your brand feels tired and you’re thinking it needs a refresh, take a look outside. Before you dive in and start picking apart every little detail about your own brand, get curious about a few others. Take some time to find both perspective and inspiration.    Here’s a little exercise that should help:   Think about a brand […]

Many of us work within tight markets full of qualified competitors. Each has highly-qualified and experienced leadership. Each has committed staff with excellent credentials. Each understands current industry trends and innovations. Each employs a sound process to identify client needs and deliver quality services. Each has a portfolio of impressive and relevant work. The good […]

Big brands understand that success isn’t random. They invest big resources in developing a strategy to build brand awareness, differentiate among competitors, and engage specific audiences in order to build connection.   Smaller brands want and need these things too (who doesn’t?!), but they don’t have endless resources. The good news is that resources are relative. […]