A lot of brands talk about needing a refresh. I ask…           “What does the brand feel like?” Tired. Diffused. Fuzzy Indistinct. Difficult to hear in a crowded marketplace. They might add that it feels a bit worn. A little frayed around the edges. Fatigued. Predictable.         […]

Let’s jump straight to the answer for this question… Yes. Design matters. This question came up recently at a luncheon I attended featuring a panel of owners’ representatives who manage proposal review processes in the Architecture, Engineering and Construction (AEC) industry. The panel’s answers to this question reminded me and everyone else in the audience […]

Here’s a question for you…  When you talk with someone about your business – a client or prospect, for example – do you sound like you’re reading a corporate brochure? All-about-you statements. Look-at-me marketing speak. Buzz words. Lists of product or service features. Hopefully not. I bet you sound like a real person, someone listening […]