How do you imagine your brand? 

When we think and talk about our branding, we often use metaphors. A common brand metaphor is that of a building:

This metaphor works fairly well. But, let’s face it. It also feels fairly s-t-a-t-i-c. 

(Except for the word “elevate”…feels like “elevator” so that part moves, but only up and down). 

Metaphors are imaginative ways of comparing one thing to another. I’ve been wondering lately if there are some better ways to imagine a brand, different metaphors that might help us see and use our brands more successfully.  

So, I started thinking…



(This is kind of what thinking looks like for me)



What if we thought of our brands as kinetic, responsive, and relational? 

I came up with this bus driver metaphor: 

While my prose could certainly use a bit of work, I think that this metaphor speaks more clearly to the dynamic, reciprocal nature required of a contemporary brand. 

Today’s brands need to do more than house an idea or philosophy. Strong brands today are in motion – reaching, touching, engaging and connecting with our target audiences (note: loads of action verbs in contemporary branding!). 

What brand metaphor works for you and your company? Reach out and let’s discuss, I’d love to know!