Here’s a question for you… 

When you talk with someone about your business – a client or prospect, for example – do you sound like you’re reading a corporate brochure?

All-about-you statements.
Look-at-me marketing speak.
Buzz words.
Lists of product or service features.

Hopefully not.

I bet you sound like a real person, someone listening to what the other person has to say–what they are challenged by, where they struggle, what they value and even dream about–then responding with ideas and information that might help them, guide them to a new perspective, confirm similar values or possibly acknowledge that their dreams could actually come true.

Here’s an idea…

What if your corporate brochure – and all your marketing materials – sounded more like you?


Messaging can be tricky. It’s all too easy to get focused on the writing of the copy and forget the goal of why you’re writing it – to reach and engage people. One catchy sentence leads to a litnay of the latest buzz words and, BOOM!, many companies end up with a slick, superficial, very standard brochure.

So what is at the core of good messaging, messaging that listens before it’s written? BRAND AWARENESS.

Understanding your brand from all angles – the inside out, the outside in and contextually – is critical to the development of authentic messaging. Why? Because it instills a deep knowing, a thorough understanding and a confidence that allows you (and everyone in the firm) to represent the company authentically and with ease.

Brand awareness is the genesis of good messaging and authentic copywriting. Messaging well (and writing compelling copy for your website, brochures, proposals, letters, notes and emails) flows from keen brand awareness because it provides a clear understanding of what your company is really about, both the what and the why of your business, as well as who you serve and what they need, want, fear and desire.

And there’s more!! Brand awareness identifies what differentiates your firm from the competition, knowledge that fosters better business decisions, focuses critical resources and attracts better clients.

Brand awareness is a game-changer, providing your firm with the fundamental tools to activate your market position, get proactive and attract your best clients.

Don’t settle for just having a brand. Cultivate brand awareness and leverage a tool that transforms your business.

Here’s what one of my clients recently had to say about our deep-dive into brand awareness and positioning:

“Linda’s brand positioning process proved to be a fascinating deep dive into what truly distinguishes [our firm], giving us a fresh and potent perspective on our marketing. Her collaborative approach is highly engaging, empowering our entire team with a clear vision as well as specific action steps to reach and connect with our ideal clients. With an action strategy in hand, we are excited to continue working with Linda on implementation.”

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