Argonne National Laboratory

IdleBox was recognized with an AWARD OF EXCELLENCE by the Society for Technical Communications and an AWARD OF DISTINGUISHED by the Society of Technical Communication Chicago Chapter.

Argonne National Laboratory wanted to create a resource library of tools offering information on vehicle idling reduction strategies for Clean Cities Coalitions. Clean Cities is a program of the Department of Energy (DOE) that is comprised of nearly 100 local agencies across the nation working to advance economic, environmental, and energy security by supporting local actions to cut petroleum use in transportation.

We created IdleBox, a comprehensive toolkit of print products, templates, presentations and information resources to assist with idle-reduction projects for fleets with light- and medium-duty vehicles. Materials include Fact and Tip Sheets, Logos, Stickers, Signage, Press Release and Letter Templates, Pledge Forms and a series of educational presentations (PowerPoint format). Some materials are available in two versions: ready-to-use print products and customizable templates.

We also generated an IdleBox Launch Campaign – Stop Idling $tart Saving – which involved attendance at trade shows as well as multiple webinars on how to use the tools and manage an outreach campaign. IdleBox tools can be used to educate and engage policymakers, fleet managers, drivers, and other decision makers about the benefits of reducing idling.