On my list of favorite things is sharing good stuff. These nuggets turned my head recently and I wondered if one of them might offer a little something for you as well. Read. Enjoy! Let me know what you think.  

Is Marketing Dead?

Former Ikea designer Markus Engman wants to kill marketing. He’s recently established a new design firm that he hopes will, “…show there’s an alternative to marketing, which is actually design.” The hitch? Good design has always made for good marketing. One doesn’t kill the other. They support one another.  Design will kill marketing, says Ikea former design chief

Doing and Learning

Can you learn to ride a bike by watching videos? What about learning to design…or solve complex problems? Hmmmmm. Marketing guru Seth Godin shares his thoughts. Learning Without Doing

Constraints Nurture Creativity

Former Google digital media strategist, Jay Acunzo, exposes the myth that unbridled freedom spurs creativity. In fact, he posits that creative freedom doesn’t even exist!  Looking to be more creative? Acunzo suggests you ask for constraints. We Don’t Wanna, but We Should

Tell a Story. Win Business.

Here’s a simple structure for a winning sales deck. Not creating a sales deck? No problem. This approach, shared by Andy Raskin, strategic storyteller, can also help create a compelling sales narrative about Change, the Promised Land and Magic Gifts (that’s you, you’re the Magic Gift!). The Greatest Sales Deck I’ve Ever Seen

Networking Basics Worth Repeating

Networking has almost become a four-letter word. Most people hate the idea, even if their pretty good at it. Breezing through this article, I was reminded that networking doesn’t have to be soooo painful. Tip #2 is a classic that I embraced years ago that really changed my perspective on attending a networking event. 7 Networking Tips for People That Hate Networking 

Photo: Mikael Kristenson

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